Roughly 9 miles North of Thirsk, North Yorkshire – Over Silton Church is accessible via Cart Riggin just off the A19 dual-carriageway.

The church is located just to the East of the village and is only accessible across a field. Although it is only a short walk across to the church, it is advised to wear wellies or walking boots as it can often get quite muddy.
There are two possible entrances across the field, the first of which (pictured below) is the closest to the village and although it is initially out of sight, if you follow the ridge along you will eventually drop down to the church grounds.
Google Church Entrance 1
The other entrance to the field (pictured below) is a little further down the same road where you can see the church clearly before a short incline up to the church grounds. Although this entrance does have space for a parked car, please be aware that this gate is used for cows crossing the road at certain times of the day, it can often get very muddy and parked cars can also get in the way. It is advised that visitors to the church park their car within the village and walk down from there.
Google Church Entrance 2