Sponsored Walk – The Bench Mark Challenge

After a year where we’ve been asked to live in isolation, and with restrictions lifting, the Friends thought it might be nice to ask the community to come together and partake in a sponsored walk to raise funds for the maintenance of church.

Starting a 2pm on Saturday 15th August from St Mary’s, Over Silton, we’re going to walk a 5 mile circuit round the woods. Arriving back at Over Silton, where there will be refreshments at the Manor.

Everyone is free to join us, you can find all the details of the walk in the information pack (download here). If you would like to help raise money there is a sponsorship form in the information pack, alternatively you can join us on Just Giving.

Why the Bench Mark Challenge?

When the Ordnance Survey first mapped the country they carved the bench mark symbol into walls and buildings to show where they had taken their measurements from. For the first time the Ordnance Survey have made available a list of where they all are.

On this route there are five bench marks to be found be found. The first is easy to find, on the west wall of the church.

The other bench marks do exist but, due to the undergrowth they are very hard to find, so along the route we’ve marked where they should be with signs, each with a letter on. Collect all the letters, decrypt the word and receive a prize at the end of the walk.

Watch the route